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Work in Ireland

For Ireland Job Market Immigration has become as a new and emerging trend. Ireland has ample job openings in medical, engineering, IT and many other sectors.

Ireland Work visas offer a wide range of visas such as:

  • Short term work permits
  • Intra company transfers
  • Long term Irish green Cards

Above mentioned Irish work visas allow people from all over the world to work and live in Ireland on temporary and permanent basis.

Ireland Work Visa/Work Permit Requirements:

  • Candidates applying for Irish work visa from India or from any other country need to have an employment offer from the Irish employer for a particular designation.
  • Applicants can change their employers after one year of their immigration but it will require a separate application.
  • Irish work permits may potentially lead to the opportunity to apply for Irish citizenship on fulfilling the minimum requirements of Irish Residency.
  • Ireland work permits are initially granted for 2 years, if the position is still in place and the requirements of the work permit continuously fulfilled then an extension of 3 years can be obtained.
  • Later they can apply for indefinite extension of work permit beyond 3 years which means they can apply for Irish naturalization.

Ireland Job Market:

  • Major industries In Ireland: Software industry, engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical technologies, transport, storage, communications, the public and social sector, electricity, gas and water.
  • Recent growth areas: engineering, IT, the internationally traded services sector, including financial services and e-business, utilities, public and social sector, chemicals, biometrics, waste management and the environmental sector.
  • Shortage occupations: engineering, financial services (particularly accountancy), IT, computing, medical, social care and science areas.
  • Industries in decline: agriculture, construction, manufacturing and transportation.
  • Major companies: Microsoft, IBM, Novell, GlaxoSmithKline, Integra Life Sciences, International Financial Services Centre, Daiwa Securities, Siemens, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Intel and Merrill Lynch.

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