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PSPN Allotment Increased to NON-IRISH substantially in 2016 in Ireland
Posted on 22-12-2017

Opulentus Immigration News Statistical figures confirm that Personal Public Service Number allotment to non-Irish citizens registered an increase of 13.8 percent in 2016 The PPSN allocation given to non-Irish citizens in all age groups was 107,767 during 2016. This shows an incre...

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Ireland Introduced New Work Visa Process for NON-EU Nurses
Posted on 17-10-2017

Opulentus Immigration News A New visa application process, for non-European Union area nurses, has been introduced by the Ireland Government, for those who possess an employment contract in the country. This requires them to use the new visa application through the channel of Atypical Scheme Work. Imm...

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Irish Government Plans to make it Easier for Immigrants to Come Back
Posted on 01-09-2017

Opulentus Immigration News The Irish government is interested to identify barriers which affect the return of Irish immigrants. A management consulting company will look into this issue and identify the solutions that affect them negatively. ...

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Increase in IT Work Permits for Ireland
Posted on 04-10-2016

Opulentus Immigration News We have seen many changes made by European Countries post BREXIT to attract immigrants and be in the economic race. The new country to participate in the race is Ireland, which has announced to increase their work permit to IT employees, not only that Irish government will plough €1.9 million into new initiat...

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Ireland Needs UK Social Workers and Skilled Workers
Posted on 13-05-2016

Opulentus Immigration News Ireland is hoping to contract social specialists from the UK & Canada. Nationals of Canada would require work visas. Locals of United Kingdom could do Work Easily in Ireland. The securing drive has come ...

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Changes in Ireland Work Permit Introduced to Ease Shortages
Posted on 02-09-2015

Opulentus Immigration News In Ireland, there has been changes in the existing regulations which have been welcomed. This particular step would ensure overseas individuals to get Ireland work visas in an much easier manner. The reason for introduction of changes in Employment permit regulations 2015 we...

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ESRI Claims Ireland Immigration System is Business Friendly
Posted on 21-07-2015

Opulentus Immigration News According to a new report from the Economic and Social Research institute (ESRI), it  has claimed that,  Ireland’s immigration system has become increasingly business friendly as the number of visas issued for the business purposes has increased by 15% during the span of  4  years. As per the study, the nu...

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Ireland Received Record Number Of Citizenship and Visa Applications
Posted on 26-01-2015

Opulentus Immigration News Ireland has hit the headlines yet another time for all good reasons. In the previous year, Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS) have received a record number of visa, residence as well as citizenship applications, which is an all time record.  Sources sai...

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New Online Appointment Service for Ireland Visa Applications, Effective 2015
Posted on 10-12-2014

Opulentus Immigration News In a bid to ease re-entry Ireland visas applications process for foreign nationals, the Department of Justice has announced that from the New Year, overseas nationals will be able to make their re-entry visa applications through online. Overseas nationals have to queue outsi...

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Immigration Provides Significant Benefits to Northern Ireland
Posted on 05-11-2014

Opulentus Immigration News A recently released report said that the immigration provides significant economic and social benefits to Northern Ireland by plugging labor scarcities, bringing required skills and elevating society by means of cultural diversity. The report, which was written by two academ...

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